5 Things you didn’t know about Keto

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of chatter about the keto diet, both for and against it. Here at Food Darzee, we would like you to know not just the science behind why it’s awesome but also the other amazing facts about it that you may not otherwise hear. So if you’re ready to be 100% convinced of why Keto is the way to go, read on!

1. No, it’s not about binging on the junk fatty food you love!

To the untrained foodie, Keto often seems like the super delicious, super indulgent and super easy solution for weight loss. It’s the unhealthy eater’s dream diet, filled with fast food, fried stuff, oil, grease and all things decadent, right?

giphy (7)

WRONG! The Keto Diet is a highly scientific, well calculated and extremely healthy diet that requires a lot of precision, attention and dedication. The key to hitting your 70% of fat lies in consuming healthy, good fats like eggs, meat, butter, extra-virgin olive oil, nuts and avocados.

2. It actually helps you build a healthier life!

Once you’re in a rut, following one unhealthy habit with another, it’s often very difficult to pull yourself out of it. It seems like it’s just so much easier living life the way it’s going than actually try and change habits that may not even change.

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Well, here’s the good news! Going on Keto actually helps you change those stubborn bad habits and pushes you to lead a healthier, more wholesome life. You begin to eat better, pay more attention to each thing you eat and even get more regular with your exercise. Never underestimate the power of positive results to change a habit!

3. Your will power gets stronger than ever!

How many times have you given excuses about how you’re perfectly capable of resisting any food… EXCEPT that one unhealthy indulgence. “I could never give up dessert. So, I just have a small portion”, you say.

giphy (9)

We’re here to tell you that you CAN and you will soon want to yourself. Once you see those kilos and inches drop, your will power to say no to all the things in your life that will come in the way of your goal becomes stronger than you can imagine. It’s possible, trust us!

4. You’ll eat less and still have more energy!

Do you often feel so hungry you could eat a horse? But then when you do, you’re thrown into this slump of exhaustion and drowsiness, only to feel hungry again in no time and repeat the whole process again!

source (1)

With Keto, it’s possible to break that vicious cycle and actually be more energized with less food! The fats you eat on Keto keep you satiated for longer periods of time, ensuring that you eat smaller portions less frequently. Also, when you’re on ketosis, your body makes a shift from burning carbs for energy, to burning fat for energy. And Fats there are plenty! So, your body is burning the most abundant fuel and tires much less easily.

5. Health benefits galore!

Apart from being great for weight loss, energy levels and an overall healthier lifestyle, the Keto diet has proven to show amazing results for several chronic ailments as well.

giphy (10).gif


The Keto diet helps lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity. It has shown great results in the fight against cancer, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Keto also helps reduce inflammation, which helps organs function better, specifically the coronary system. Finally, keto has proved to help lose significantly more weight than low-fat diets.

So, leave those worries behind.


Keep Calm and Keto On!


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